Architectural office.

Planning and designing with the concept.

We are contemporary architects & Interior designers creating residential, public and commercial projects. We are currently undertaking work on new build houses, renovations and extensions of homes and public places.

We are a tech-savvy designers with a passion for creating eye-catching and reliable economical projects. Our experiences include design and development as project and leading architects for various scale commercial, public and residential projects. We have approved our knowledge with several years of architectural design experience through the professional activity in various architectural/interior offices and in our own practice, under the name Studio 33 during the last three years.

We see our potential in the modern design/management approach which is based on adaptability and acceptability of multicultural interests and rapid responses to the different challenges of the projects. Years of work in various functions and business fields gave us a wide range of knowledge in the fields of management, architecture and design which enabled us to operate effectively as a wide open and considered architects.

Jaka Sokler, , Leadarship of Architectural office Studio 33